My Perfect Phillies' Offseason

SP1 Wheeler 26 Our Ace inked through 2024
SP2 Wood 8 Alex made 3m + incentives with SF; I would offer him a bit more to get a lefty innings eater that could also move to bullpen if Eflin is ready to rejoin rotation
SP3 Nola 15.5 Inked through 2023
SP4 Suarez 0.575 He earned it, but may not be ready for a full year of innings yet; so another reason to have Wood/Gibson/Eflin in roles where they know they are both starters and bullpen arms
SP5 Gibson 7 Possible move to 'pen, but I think he earned a rotation spot to start the season
RP Dominguez 0.75 I know going cheap in the bullpen has burned us, but with so many other needs, hoping this bullpen can keep us in it, and if we really need bullpen help to make this a contender then go over the luxury tax in mid-season trades. Plus, I think this gives some young guys a chance to develop. It's a risk, but I think it's a necessary one.
RP Brogdon 0.675
RP Crouse 0.575
RP Eflin 5.5
RP Medina 0.575
RP Neris 6
RP Hammer 0.575
RP Falter 0.575
C Realmuto 23.875 BCIB
1B Hoskins 7.6 Hopefully he bounces back from injury and has another strong year at the plate
2B Segura 14.85 Could use his steady presence again in a year with a lot of ifs and new pieces
3B Bohm 0.575 We all know this is a make or break season probably for Bohm, but the Phils are hoping an offseason of practice helps his confidence
SS Stott/Galvis 0.575 Probably start the year with Galvis who is cheap and a known factor to bridge the gap to Stott taking over at short. I wouldn't want this to backfire a la Kingery, but the Phils have so many needs. Gotta hope that a prospect lives up to expectations one of these days.
LF Bryant 20 Would love this bat in the heart of the order, good eyes and some pop. Also, can become 3B if Bohm totally bottoms out
CF Taylor 15 Another positional flexibility guy, but the hope would be to play him in center most days
RF Harper 27.538462 Let's hope for another MVP campaign
B Torres 1.6 Really liked what he brought from the bench, and we need cheap bench pieces
B Gonzalez 0.575 Marwin hasn't been very good recently, but hopefully a change of scenery helps him. Can play multiple positions and switch hits.
B Marchan 0.575 I think this is what the team wants too
B Conforto 1.5 IDK if this is even possible, but it would be nice to get a guy that could lefty pinch hit and play multiple outfield spots. He might not want to play for such a low amount, but his career is in decline and he may need to play a year on the vets' minimum to restore his value.
B Galvis 2 See above
Buyouts Cutch/Herrera 5.5
TOTAL PR 194.063462