Tom Snow’s ideal Phillies offseason

Arbitration eligible players: Rhys Hoskins ($7.6 million), Zach Efflin ($6 million), Seranthony Dominguez ($.8 million). Decline everyone else. Jose Alvarado is the only guy that I had to think about, but he was so inconsistent that I am confident the Phillies can get similar, not better, production for less than $1.9 million.

Options: The team has already declined their options on McCutchen and Herrera. I would love to bring Cutch back as a platoon OF for around $5 million, but I think he will find a better offer out there.

Free Agents:

  • Javier Baez for 5 years and $100 million. This is the contract MLB trade rumors predicted for Baez, which is a bargain. Personally, I believe Baez will get overlooked in the shortstop market this offseason, allowing a team like the Phillies to sign him a very reasonable price. He would give the team a very solid defender plus a power bat that would fit nicely in the fifth or sixth spot in the lineup.
  • Tommy Pham for 1 year and $6 million. Pham is another guy that will probably get overlooked in the FA market. His BA and power numbers slipped in SD, but he still got on-base at a reasonable clip (.340 OBP in 2021). A move to CBP could also improve his power numbers, and a .250/.360/.450 slash line with 20 homers is not out of the questions. At the very least, he would provide the Phillies with a solid lead off option.
  • Alex Colome for 1 year and $4.5 million. Colome struggled as the closer for the Twins last year but thrived as the set-up man, kind of like Hector Neris. While many would prefer to bring Neris back, I think the Phillies could use some new faces in the bullpen, preferably some with playoff experience.
  • Sean Doolittle for 1 year and $1 million. Doolittle is certainly not the pitcher he was when he closed games for the World Champion Nationals. He is still very effective against lefties, however, and would be a more consistent alternative to Alvarado. Oh, and he’s also good buddies with Bryce Harper.
  • Brad Miller for 1 year and $3 million. Miller was a very effective semi-regular last year, swatting 20 homers. He would give the Phillies and excellent bench bat who could also see a lot of playing time if the NL gets a DH.
  • Robinson Chiranos for 1 year and $.75 million. The Phillies could certainly use a backup catcher to allow Marchan to play in AAA every day.
  • Haseley plus Medina for Kevin Kiermaier. The Rays are actively trying to move Kiermaier, who is set to make $12 million next season. While that’s a little steep, he would be much cheaper than Starling Marte and only be on the books for a season. Kiermaier is also a defensive wiz, posting a 4.5 WAR despite hitting only .250. A move to CBP might also bring his home run total closer to the 15-20 range. In return, the Rays get a young outfielder in Haseley plus a reclamation project in Medina.
  • Segura for Kimbrel. The White Sox are actively trying to shop Kimbrel, who struggled as the set-up guy for them. As a contender, they are probably looking for a major-league player as opposed to a prospect. Segura would be a huge upgrade over Cesar Hernandez, and while the Phillies would miss his bat, trading him would let them move Didi over to 2nd until Stott is ready for the big leagues. A middle infield of Stott and Baez would be a sight for sore eyes. (Also, Segura and Kimbrel make the same salary)
1B- Hoskins
2B- Didi (until Stott is ready)
SS- Baez
3B- Bohm
LF- Pham
CF- Kiermaier
RF- Harper
Bench- Chiranos
Bench- Miller
Bench- Nick Maton
Bench- Luke Williams
Bench- Matt Vierling

SP- Wheeler
SP- Nola
SP- Suarez
SP- Gibson
SP- Falter (until Efflin is ready)
RP- Colome
RP- Dominguez
RP- Christopher Sanchez
RP- Damon Jones (Falter moves back to BP when Eflin comes back)

This plan will focus on the Phillies getting the most bang for their buck by targeting guys like Baez and Pham, both of whom could very well be overlooked and sign team friendly deals. A lineup of Pham, Realmuto, Harper, Hoskins, Baez, Didi, Bohm, and KK is as most in the NL. The starting staff stays the same, hoping that Nola rebounds and Efflin comes back quickly. Kimbrel would give the team a reliable closer they desperately need, while Colome and Doolittle would be solid set-up men with high-leverage experience. To round out the bench, I decided to put my trust in some of the younger guys like Maton, Williams, and Vierling, knowing they can’t stay in AAA their entire careers.
Overall, the defense is greatly improved both in the infield and outfield. Baez adds another power bat while Pham is an improvement for the lead off spot. The bullpen is also built to last in the late innings. While loosing Segura will hurt, I think Didi will be better with a move to 2nd, and eventually Stott will come up to replace Segura’s production. Lastly, if there is a DH in the NL, the Phillies can play Miller against righties and put Realmuto in there against lefties, allowing him to rest his knees without taking him out of the lineup. My only concerns are that Pham might not rebound, Kimbrel’s 2nd half struggles are more realistic than his 1st half success, and that Bohm is closer to the 2021 version than the 2020 one. That being said, I do believe the rewards greatly outweigh the risks, and am confident this plan will take the Phillies to the promise land.