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Rise and Phight: 11/15/2021

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There certainly were some takes this weekend

Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Why do we have hot takes?

I understand we now live in a society where the attention spans are shorter and that sports radio and the rise of the podcast have given a voice to those with many opinions, but what purpose do hot takes serve? I know I have been guilty of giving the hot take opinion from time to time, but now we’re seeing people thrive at creating takes that make absolutely no sense. There are places for contrarian positions on a certain topic, but most of the time, people who do follow a different path, including some of us here, can back it up with reasoning, data and clear headed thinking.

Moving J.T. Realmuto to left field ain’t that.

On to the links.

Phillies news:

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