The Tennessee Trade and Free Agency Waltz

Apologies to ASK as I used his formatting

I am late to the party, so this comes after Odubel's and Cutch's options were declined with the Phils releasing Hammer, Rosso, Knapp, Jankowski, Odubel and Torreyes, and trading for Nelson, Stubbs and Sands. My moves are:

  • Arbitration: Non-tender Quinn and tender offers to Alvarado ($1.9M), Dominguez ($800K), Eflin ($6.0M) and Hoskins ($7.6M).
  • Trade: Haseley or Moniak (TBR choice) for Kiermaier ($9M AAV), Matt Wisler ($1.8 M arb) and possibly someone like Tommy Romero (minors)
  • Trade: Bohm, Marchan. Muzziotti and Medina for Matt Chapman ($9.5M arb)
  • Free Agent P's: Sign Melancon ($14M/2), and Neris or Givens ($12M/2).
  • Free Agent IF's: Sign Galvis ($2M/1).
  • Free Agent OF's: Sign Suzuki ($60M/5)

26-Man Roster with AAV's:

SP's: Wheeler ($23.6M), Nola ($11.25M), Suarez (575K), Gibson ($9.333M), Crouse or Morales [or spot starter] until May ($575K)

RP's: Melancon ($7M), Neris/Givens ($6M).Alvarado ($1.9M), Wisler [may spot start] (1.8M), Brogdon ($575K), Coonrod ($575K), Dominguez ($800K), Falter or Nelson or Jones [may spot start] ($575K)

C: Realmuto ($23.1M) and Stubbs or Sands ($575K)

IF: Hoskins ($7.6M), Segura ($14M), Gregorius ($14M), Chapman ($9.5M), Maton or Williams (575k) and Galvis ($2M)

OF: Harper ($25.385M), Kiermaier ($9M) Suzuki ($12M), and Vierling ($575K), Moniak or Haseley (575K)

AAA: Kingery ($4M)

IL: Eflin ($6M): April only.

Other notes:

  1. These moves get them in at approximately a $194 AAV prior to 40-man type expenses.
  2. Stott would likely come up in May or June, even with changes in the CBA, unless he wows in Spring Training. He would replace Maton or Williams (or Didi for that matter); Segura might move to SS instead of Stott
  3. The focus is on defense (well, other than Didi). This also waves bye-bye to underperforming or poor defensive players like Bohm and Haseley/Moniak.
  4. Note that Kiermaier’s AAV is lower than his cash salary
  5. I recognize that the Chapman trade might be light and need to include someone like Miller.