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Rise and Phight: 11/30/2021

Tomorrow is December already.

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Toronto Blue Jays Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow is going to be December and with that date comes D-Day for baseball. The end of the collective bargaining agreement is nigh and the two sides are working hard to try and hammer out all the things necessary to make a new agreement work. It’s highly, highly doubtful that something gets done, meaning a lockout is coming, but it still is a little shocking that December has already arrived.

The flurry of activity that took place over the Thanksgiving holiday continued yesterday as you’ll see in some of the links, but there remains the possibility that we’ll see still more moves made in these remaining 48 hours before the lockout begins. It’s been good for baseball, so naturally they’re going to fudge it all up by have labor strife. Good job, baseball.

On to the links.

Phillies news:

MLB news: