My Plan for the Philles Offseason

Position: Cost/Millons, 1B Rhys Hophins 7.6, 2B Juan Segura 14.85, SS Brayon Scott .575, If Scott fails to make team in Spring Traning send him to AAA and bring up Nick Maton (.575) to pay SS vs right-hand pitching and use Ron Torreyes vs left-hand pitching instead of Scott 38 Jose Ramirez (Free Agent)3 years? 12.0, RF Bryce Harper 27.539, CF Mat Verling .575, LF Daulton Varsho (Trade) vs Right-hand pitchers .575, Luke Williams vs Left-hand pitchers .575, C J.T. Realmuto 14.875, C Back-up Rafel Marchin .575, Bench: Ron Torreyes 1.6, Travis Jankowski .9, Brad Miller 3.5, Pitchers: SP#1 Zack Wheeler 26.0, SP#2 Ranger Suarez .575, SP#3 Aaron Nola 15.5 (Must work on command and 0-2 pitch selection during offseason, SP#4 Zack Eflin 6.0, SP#5 Kyle Gibson 7.0, Relief pitchers RP Closer Raisel Iglesias (Free Agent) 10.0, (up to 3 years) LP Closer Traver Rosenthal (Free Agent) 11.0, RP Set-up Heter Neris 5.0, LH Set-up Jose Alverato 2.0, RP Archie Bradley 6.0, RP Connor Brogdon .575, RP Sam Coonrod .575, Buyouts Andrew McCutchen 3.0, Odubel Herra 2.5, Total Cost 191.214, Trades: Roman Quin, Andrew Knapp, and JD Hammer to AZ for Daulton Varsho & Ryne Nelson Minor League pitcher, Didi Gregorius to Yankees for Everson Perrera Minor League Outfielder, Do not resign: Matt Morre and Freddy Galvis unless we can trade Galvis for a minor league pitcher, Alex Bohm goes to AAA to work on defense and improve hitting. If his hitting improves he could be a right-hand hitting DH vs a left-hand pitcher. Otherwise, he becomes trade bate if we sign Jose Ramirez for three or more years. Personally, I do not want to see the NL go to the DH and end traditional baseball. If it does, J.T. Realmuto becomes my DH vs left-handed pitching, and Brad Miller becomes the DH vs right-handed pitching. The DH reduces the need for bench players other than players that play part-time vs right-hand pitchers or left-hand pitchers only. Pinch-hitting and double switches are used next to never with a DH. That takes away too much strategy. My plan would sure up the defense at SS and 3rd Base as well as improve defense in leftfield. It cures the problem of blown saves which cost the Phillies dearly this year. It also leaves the Phillies with more speed which can be used to avoid double plays. In addition, all batters need to work on situational hitting and two-strike hitting. The Phillies need to reduce strikeouts and put the ball in play more with two-strike counts. We need to stop looking at close pitches that the ump may call a strike, even if it means just poking out the bat and fouling the pitch off. We also need to work on moving runners into scoring positions and stealing more bases. Leadoff hitters need to take a mindset that it is their job to get on base any way possible even if it means butting or slapping the ball down the baseline not covered by the shift. Bryce needs more runners on base to knock in.