My Imperfect Plan aka "If Only they had signed Didi for 1-year"

I am not including any trades in my plan because I have no idea what constitutes fair value. I also waited for MLBTR to print their list of top free agents with predicted salaries to use as a guide for the players AAV's. I am on board with the moves they have made so far (declining Odubel's and Cutch's options and releasing Hammer, Rosso, Knapp, Jankowski, Odubel and Torreyes. My moves are:

  • Arbitration: Non-tender Quinn and tender offers to Alvarado ($1.9M), Dominguez ($800K), Eflin ($6.0M) and Hoskins ($7.6M).
  • Free Agent P's: Sign Matz ($27M/3), Melancon ($14M/2), and Tepera ($12M/2).
  • Free Agent IF's: Sign Miller ($3M/1) and Galvis ($2M/1).
  • Free Agent OF's: Sign Suzuki ($55M/5) and Pederson ($5M/1).

26-Man Roster with AAV's:

SP's: Wheeler ($23.6M), Nola ($11.25M), Suarez (575K), Matz ($9M), and Gibson ($9.333M)

RP's: Melancon ($7M), Tepera ($6M), Alvarado ($1.9M), Brogdon ($575K), Coonrod ($575K), Dominguez ($800K), Falter ($575K), and Sheriff or some other 40-man roster RP ($575K)

C: Realmuto ($23.1M) and Marchan ($575K)

IF: Hoskins ($7.6M), Segura ($14M), Gregorius ($14M), Bohm ($575K), Miller ($3M) and Galvis ($2M)

OF: Harper ($25.385M), Haseley ($575K), Suzuki ($11M), Pederson ($5M), and Vierling ($575K)

AAA: Kingery ($4M)

IL: Eflin ($6M)

Other notes:

  1. These moves get them in at an AAV which is comparable to last year's AAV.
  2. Kingery or even Moniak could easily replace Vierling or even Haseley if he has recovered his hitting stroke.
  3. Pederson is good for DH, PH, the corners when Harper or Suzuki need a rest, and some CF.
  4. Stott is waiting in the wings if Gregorius falters.
  5. If and when Eflin is healthy, they'll have 6 starters assuming all 5 listed above are healthy. In that case, either Eflin or Suarez can move to the bullpen.