Nightengale's Notebook: Dick Allen’s Hall of Fame heartbreak


About 2/3 through this article is the part about Dick Allen’s family learning he didn’t make it in the Hall of Fame. It’s tough to read. Allen belongs in Cooperstown. Here’s an excerpt from Nightengale’s article: Their optimism overflowed when Hall of Fame president Josh Rawitch announced that the Golden Days Era Committee had elected four new Hall of Famers. The last time the committee met in 2014, no one was elected. He began with Gil Hodges, and then Jim Kaat. Suddenly, the room went silent. It dawned on Carfagno that Rawitch was reading the names in alphabetical order. He leaned over to producer Mike Tollin and whispered, "I don’t think he’s getting in." Then came the news of Minnie Miñoso, and finally Tony Oliva. Richard Allen, Dick’s son, started weeping. So did Dick’s wife, Willa. His grandson. Nephew. Relatives. Friends. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.