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Baseball Player Richard Allen During Spring Training

Right the wrong, Cooperstown. Put Dick Allen in the Hall of Fame

It’s lone, long overdue

Getting into Hall of Fame discussions can be treacherous. People have already formed stone cold opinions about players and their worthiness, and getting them to budge one way or another can prove frustrating and difficult. Every now and then, some players pop up and are no-doubt, lead pipe lock Hall of Famers. Right now, with the Golden Era voting coming up, we have one case where the committee members have been wrong for years and finally have a chance to get it right.

The time has come to put Dick Allen in the Hall of Fame where he belongs.

His passing will make the event seem somewhat muted since he is no longer here to appreciate it personally should be chosen, but his family would get the honor of hearing the news that Allen will take his place among the game’s greats.

Now, I could spend all day extolling the reasons why Allen belongs in the Hall of Fame. Instead, let me link several other people that have done it better.

It should be obvious, if it isn’t already, that Allen is a Hall of Famer. But since so many others have already proved it with words, let’s prove it with something more fun: quizzes!

Let’s start with a short one. From 1964 (Allen’s rookie year) through 1975 (Allen’s last real season as a starter), he accumulated 57.8 bWAR, ninth over that span. Who were the eight position players above him? (Hint: all but one are Hall of Famers)

Now that we’re all educated in the ways of Dick Allen and his WAR total, we’re going to look at his offense. After all, WAR totals account for defense and using his glove wasn’t something Allen was known for. He swung a big bat. So, let’s try this one. During that same time period as above, Allen’s OPS+ was 160, the best during that time period. Let’s try and think of the names behind him.

Name the top 15 players (with at least 6,000 PA) during that time period by OPS+.

Yes, Dick Allen was an offensive force, one whose peak deserves to be enshrined among the game’s best. It’s too bad that it has to happen while he has passed on, but it’s time, Cooperstown.

Put Dick Allen in the Hall of Fame this weekend.

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