Dick Allen Shouldn't Be In The HOF Until Curt Schilling Is

The title says it all folks.

Now before we get into the uh heated discussion that is sure to follow this, let me be clear. I think both players deserve to be in the hall. I don't dislike Dick Allen, I think he's an incredible and inspirational story of overcoming adversity. However, he is absolutely a fringe HOF player. But if he gets in Schilling should get in or the HOF is a sham that only chooses players that the voters "like" instead of players who were actually great. I'm right and here's why.

Schilling was objectively more productive and for longer

Curt Schilling has a career WAR of around 80. Dick Allen has a career WAR of around 60. Schilling was reliably a 3-4 or better WAR player from 92 to when he retired in 07. Dick Allen was nowhere near as consistent as Schilling throughout his entire career, the years where I'd call him consistently good not even lasting for 10 years. In his prime (97-04) Schilling was hitting about 5.5 to at times 9.3 WAR. That is fucking insane. He managed to put up these numbers while playing for the god awful Philadelphia Phailures for 3 and a half of those seasons. Basically imagine Wheeler from 21 but still producing at that level with an even worse team behind him. He was that good.

In contrast Dick Allens prime was only from about 64-67. Now these were fantastic years don't get me wrong. He put up around 6-8 WAR in those four seasons. His WRC+ was always above 140, and he was a god damn on base machine (I love myself that obp, anyone who saw me defend Hoskins in early 2020 knows this). However, that prime was only for 4 years. Yes he had a brief sort of 2 season revival with the White Sox which included an 8 WAR year where his WRC+ was 199 (holy shit). But those were seperated by 2-3 seasons of good/meh performance before that. Those weren't due to injury either.

Schilling had less flaws than Allen

If you want to look at his stats you can say overall career wise he doesn't have a high enough strikeout percentage. However this was at the tail end of his career when he was getting older. As he got older, his walk rate also dropped like crazy. His end of career walk rate was under 2 per nine innings while his strikeout rate was 8.6 per nine.

Allen just has more flaws, his defensive stats show (yes I know defensive stats are fucky) he lost around 15 career WAR because of his defense. He also did not have as much longevity as a player. After his years in Philly and a couple great years in Chicago, he fell off the map in terms of production. It was not a steady decline like Schilling experienced in his last few years where he wasn't as good as his prime but was still pretty productive. in Allens last three years he failed to toip 1.5 WAR. In Schillings last three he averaged about 2.87 WAR.

Schilling had a career walk rate of under 2 per nine inngings. For comparison, Cliff Lee had a walk rate of 1.94 per nine, Schilling had 1.96. The big difference? Lee had a K/9 rate about 1 lower than Schilling in his career. That's counting the massive dropoff in strikeouts near the end of Schillings career when he was with the Red Sox.

The Elephant in the room

You KNEW that when you saw this title this would be a part of this article some way or another, be it in the article or in the comments.

I have read the "character clause" that everyone has conveniently decided to care about with Schilling. Even though it is never brought up with any other player in baseball. "You can't put him in the HOF because he's a piece of shit" or "you can't put him in the HOF bcause he's a nutcase".

Here is what the "character clause" says. "Voting shall be based upon the plaer's record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played." If you want to look at me with a straight face and say that isn't referring to how they acted on the field then you're being dishonest. I'm sorry you're just being dishonest and are mad at Schilling because he's a right wing nutcase instead of a left wing nutcase. I honestly do not care how much hate this gets me. Baseball has NEVER for any player EVER, used a players actions off the field after they retired as a reason for not getting into the HOF as far as I'm aware. That is until Curt Schilling.

Yes, I am aware of all the things that he has done and said. I have a three word response for you, I don't care. Yes, I don't give a rats ass about mean tweet XYZ that he has posted. I don't care about your "what message does this send to our children if we put him in the HOF?" argument. Frankly, I don't like much of anything he has said or done outside the game either. But the fact of the matter is that the character line I mentioned above has nothing to do with character outisde the game after he has retired and has only to do with a players character inside the game. If you think it does then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. In fact let's look at the personal character of every Hall of Fame player before 1960. I'm sure they were all just swell guys off the field right? The way for getting into the HOF has never been an arbitrary "good person" test, one where the standard for being a "good person" constantly changes throughout the years. It has ALWAYS been "oh this guy was really fucking incredible at baseball, put him in" we have never used this "character test" after a player has reitred.

In Conclusion:

To conclude. I love Dick Allen, as a story, and as a player. I realize some people will likely see the title, rage, go to the comments, not read this, and call me a raging asshole and shake their finger or whatever. Oh well, if Schilling doesn't deserve the Hall of Fame then Dick Allen doesn't. To finish this off, it saddens me that we have people saying along the lines of "we must put him into the Hall of Fame because past racism" or something. Putting a guy in because of that is in my opinion somewhat insulting. You aren't putting him in because he was good enough to make it, you're putting him in because you think it somehow makes up for how he was treated when he played. On the stats side, yeah if baseball was just about hitting then he's a slam dunk. It isn't though, and he also wasn't really consistent in being a great player throughout his career which is something I feel is lost on too many people.

Put Schilling in then I may agree that Allen deserves it.