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Rise and Phight: 12/6/2021

Happy birthday to my twins

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Jim Kaat Pitching the Ball

Dick Allen was not voted into the Hall of Fame by the Golden Era committee. It would be sad if it weren’t already so predictable. Losing by one measly vote yet again shows that someone on that committee has something out for Allen and that he’ll have to wait again for three more years. There are words to write, anger to express, but sadly this was probably going to be the case no matter how much we looked at it with rose colored glasses. Allen is not liked by someone who has influence on the committee and until the group that assembles next time realizes what a travesty it is he has not been voted in yet, we’ll continue to wait.

Congratulations go out to those who did make it (former Phillie Jim Kaat included), but it still all feels a little hollow that we can’t celebrate Allen making it this year.

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