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The Good Phight’s MLB Power Rankings (2/1/21)

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Let’s try this again

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Power Rankings, vol. 1

About three weeks ago, we published our first power rankings of the 2021 season. We were all so young then, starry eyed and hopeful for the future. Several big names still hadn’t moved to new teams, so the rankings were fluid.

Fast forward and several teams have made some moves and their situation has changed. Some have gotten stronger, some have weakened. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at where we stand now.

TGP Rankings, vol. 2

Rank Team Why?
Rank Team Why?
1 Dodgers They haven't done much and they're still probably 5 games better than everyone else. Imagine once they sign someone...
2 Padres While the pitching staff looks great on paper, let's see what happens when games start. They have to hit at some point. What's that? Tatis who?
3 Braves Something tells me they have a big move up their sleeve
4 Yankees Acquiring Jameson Taillon = good. Trading Adam Ottavino because they couldn't afford him = bad.
5 Twins If Andrelton Simmons can regain his step he lost last year, ground balls and fly balls up the middle won't have anywhere to go.
6 Blue Jays This lineup is going to be so, so good I just really hope they can pitch.
7 Mets I begrudgingly admit they are going to be good. If they get Bauer, I will not admit this anymore.
8 Cardinals So instead of working their voodoo magic on players, they just did it on the Rockies' front office. Cool, cool...
9 White Sox What is the gap between them and Minnesota? More or less than 5 games?
10 Astros They got Brantley back, yes, but this just doesn't feel like a top 10 team.
11 Rays The more I think about this team, the less optimisitic I am about their chances in 2021. Now, if Wander Franco joins them right away?
12 Athletics Losing Marcus Semien is going to sting more than they know.
t-13 Nationals They really need that pitching staff to not give up fly balls when Schwarber is in the field
t-13 Phillies They brought back everyone they needed to plus a wild card from Japan. The outlook for 2021 is a lot brighter than last time we did this.
15 Angels Just sign Bauer already. You know you want to. He wants you to. Just stop tap dancing around each other and do it.
16 Cubs Please sign Jake Arrieta.
17 Brewers I keep thinking Craig Counsell can do something with this team, but I'm just not sure what yet.
18 Marlins You know, the Marlins really aren't that good and we need to stop pretending they are.
19 Cleveland There was a recent article about how the owner had to stretch the payroll to over $50 million to sign Eddie Rosario. Stretch it. Over $50 million.
20 Red Sox They've made a little noise here with Enrique Hernandez, Hunter Renfroe and Garrett Richards. You know what they really could use? A good right fielder. Oh wait....
21 Reds Maybe in Cincinnati, Kyle won't be just a place-Holder. I'm so sorry.
22 Giants Tommy La Stella got 3 years and almost $20 million? Did I miss something?
23 Royals At least they're trying. Did I use that one already?
24 Diamondbacks It's a dry heat.
25 Mariners Jerad Kelenic should make the Opening Day roster and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise.
26 Tigers I had them pegged as a darkhorse for Realmuto. Would've made sense as an investment to help shepard the young pitching they have.
27 Rangers Is Jon Daniels awake?
28 Orioles They only rank above the Rockies because they didn't trade a franchise icon. Of course, you'd need an icon to trade in the first place.
29 Rockies Trading Arenado might be ok if the return hadn't been so, so, so little. And they really think Story will extend with them? Ha!
30 Pirates Continued gutting of this once proud franchise is just sad.

Some thoughts:

  • Some of these teams need to show a pulse. Good golly.
  • The Nationals and Phillies feel intertwined. The East is going to be a great race this season.
  • The Blue Jays are going to be everyone’s dark horse pick to take the American League this year and for good reason. They should really think about getting some more pitching though because that division is going to be tough.