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The Offseason: 2/11/2021

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The margins are getting full

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Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals
Who’s the man with the contact oriented approach that makes all the fans yell at the hitting coach? Jean!
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

In the field, the Phillies are set at 7 positions. Jean Segura will be the starting second baseman, leaving Scott Kingery to fight for time at a variety of positions. Or maybe just one. We all know that center field is the only unsettled position and that Kingery has played that position well in the past. Of the three former farmhands vying for center, he has the highest offensive upside. And while his defensive upside is probably lower than Roman Quinn’s, he has graded out as better than Quinn because Quinn’s routes waste some of his elite speed. Is it too much to hope that by mid May Joe Girardi inks Kingery into the lineup at CF?

Phillies news:

MLB news:

  • The Red Sox have moved on from another key piece of the 2018 champs, granted one that doesn’t seem to be a key piece anymore. Andrew Benintendi goes the Royals, and, of course, the Mets are involved for reasons, I believe, ultimately go back to GameStop no matter what anyone tells me.
  • In light of the harassment scandals that emerged this offseason, MLB has updated its policies. (Athletic $$) MLB has a lot of work to do to make women who work in and around the game safer. This seems like a good start.