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Come join us at The Good Phight!

You know you want to

Two Fans

<from the shadows> Psst, hey kid.

Yeah, you. You ever wanted to write for The Good Phight?

<soaring music begins, light lift> OF COURSE YOU DO!

This season, we are looking to add some people to add to our stable of writing staff here at TGP. The Phillies are getting ready to embark on a season where anything can happen. Seriously, we’re ready for a playoff run, another session of September disappointment, or a complete and total flop. Anything can happen and you could be here to help us document it all!

In all seriousness, every day, I receive many inquiries as to whether or not we are hiring here at The Good Phight. The answer is yes, we are looking to add a few members - two, maybe three people. There are two areas specifically that we are looking to add coverage on.


The Phillies have a large minor league system and we want to make sure that we have our readers covered. Someone applying for this spot would have a general knowledge of the Phillies’ minor leagues - the players, the playing conditions that affect those players, etc. Ideally, this person would be able to watch minor league games and give their own scouting reports, outside of just copying and pasting what is seen on the internet. Do you need to be a scout? Of course not. But what we don’t want is someone who regurgitates what is seen on other public websites.

Game coverage

The Phillies are going to play (hopefully) 162 games this season. We recap each and every game, no matter the ending time or time zone it is played in. A person who wishes to recap games will do exactly that - recap the games. Adding your own voice to these recaps is the point. While it should give a general review of the games, the important things, the key moments, this is also a chance to show yourself, to let your writing shine through.

Someone who applies for this or other jobs would be able to:

  • Communicate regularly through Slack
  • Be available for unscheduled coverage
  • Give regular content outside of the aforementioned needs
  • Be steeped and conversant in analytics

What we aren’t after

  • Creating trade proposals. We are not interested in pieces that try and put together trade packages for a player. That’s what comment sections and Twitter are for.
  • Top ten lists. No.

If this is something you are looking to do and are excited about it, fill in this form here. Please do not send me or anyone else on the masthead an email, direct message, etc. I hope to have the people chosen for these jobs by March 13, 2021.