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Shameless plug time: Buy the shirts that Bryce Harper wore!

It’s better than that one

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Phillies/Miles Kennedy

Admit it: you wanted the shirt that Bryce Harper was wearing the other day, the one that shows off the local dialect of the town he plays in. There were jokes, of course, but the fact remains that you would probably like to get your hands on a shirt that is similar to that one.

Well now you can!

Our friends at BreakingT have come up with some designs that will rival that of Harper’s shirt while giving it a little flair that makes it more personal to Bryce.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the first shirt. More representative of the team and the player. I still don’t get, nor will I ever understand, the second shirt but I’m also not a native Philadelphian.

Anywho, the links for the shirt are here. You can get the “Clearwooder” shirt by clicking this link, the “Jawn” shirt by clicking this link, and view the entire Philly collection by clicking here. There are probably some deals to get some stuff before Opening Day is here, so get there soon.

If that’s your jawn.