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It’s early still: Tigers 10, Phillies 2

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If a game was played and no one watched it, was it really played at all?

Philadelphia Phillies v Detroit Tigers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

You may have noticed (and judging by the attendance - you haven’t!), the Phillies have opened their spring training schedule. Sure it’s disappointing that they weren’t on television today, especially with Philadelphia and most of the surrounding area under water from rain, but at least they were on the radio. Even if it was Tigers’ radio and not the lovable trio we love here in Philly.

All of that notwithstanding, it’s pretty difficult to come up with highlights from this one. The biggest one happened in the second pitch of the game!

Yes friends, that’s a leadoff home run from center fielder Adam Haseley, something he is going to have to show a lot of this season if he wants to win the starting job outright. It’s a big year for Haseley, so starting it off with a home run on the second pitch he saw has to sit well with his coaches.

What doesn’t sit well is a wasted pitching outing. Ivan Nova was signed as a minor league free agent, hoping to secure a job out of spring training even if it is a long shot. If today’s outing is any indication, it got a lot longer. Nova was charged with five runs on three hits, two walks and only one strikeout. It wasn’t a pleasant outing to watch for those in attendance.

There wasn’t much more to get excited about from there. Mickey Moniak, the suddenly swole former top pick, doubled! That’s cool. However none of the Phillies’ pitchers did anything to write home about, but none of the ones that pitched are really in the picture to make the team anyway outside of David Hale.

At least it’s only one game in spring training, but hey - Phillies baseball!

They’re on TV tomorrow, so see you then!