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The Offseason: 2/3/2021

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Another utility man, you say?

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American League Wild Card Game 2: Houston Astros v. Minnesota Twins Photo by Jordan Johnson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Phillies signed some more minor league contracts today and it got me wondering: what would a bullpen look like of only minor league contract signings? I’m not sure there is a way to research this, but if we think about it logically, a team would have to have extraordinary luck in order to have, and maintain, a bullpen strictly of pitchers no one else wanted to give guaranteed money to.

Right now, if the Phillies were to do this, they would end up with at least some decent options in Hector Rondon, maybe Neftali Feliz, Bryan Mitchell and Ivan Nova. Those aren’t great options, maybe not even good ones, but if each one hit his 90th percentile outcome, that’s got to be really good right?

Eh, just ignore me. Minor league deals never work out.

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