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TGP news and notes: 3/15/2021

Ok, the novelty of spring training is gone. Bring on the real thing

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Baltimore Orioles Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, I think I’m about done with spring training.

It’s always fun when baseball in any form comes back, but at this point I’d rather just see the real thing. The other day, I went and bought myself tickets to some games coming to Philadelphia and....

...well that gets me started on another thing.

Someone in charge at the Phillies, I know you’re reading this. Might I make a suggestion to your ticket buying process? If I want to go to a game, just me and my wife, or me and my son, please make the games or sections searchable by pods of two. Right now, if you click on a game, you put in that you want two tickets, then have to scroll down until you can find a pod of two tickets available. Just make it a searchable option at the start. It’s not hard to scroll, I am aware, but I am lazy. So are many others. Just make it easier on us.

Please and thank you.

On to the links.

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