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You like Andrew McCutchen? How about buying this t-shirt!

Make Uncle Larry proud

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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Philadelphia Phillies Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

In 2019, Andrew McCutchen captured, then broke, our hearts. He was such a dynamic leadoff hitter that made the lineup go, but when he got hurt, his absence exposed a team that wasn’t quite ready to roll deep. In 2020, thanks to a lack of proofreading by a local sports personality, McCutchen dazzled us again by creating the alter ego “Uncle Larry” that carried his social media accounts through a long quarantine.

Now, we’re coming back to more outstanding McCutchen McContent by presenting you with the latest offering from our friends at BreakingT. Just like the Bryce Harper offerings we featured at the beginning of the month, now we feature an outstanding product with McCutchen. You remember the grand slam the other day from Didi Gregorius? Well Andrew certainly does.

Do you like it just as much as we do? Then follow this link to the BreakingT store and get your McCutchen McSwag now.

It is glorious, wouldn’t you say?