The center field competition looks like it is over -- Comments

We were directed to create our own fanpost in order to have civil dialogue on any opinions, comments, concerns, etc. regarding the Odubel Herrera situation and his apparent leading of the center field opening day job. Alright, fair enough -- here's your fanpost.

A few thoughts:

  • If you are tired of the conversation, feel free to move along. No one is forcing you to comment.
  • Some people are not tired of the conversation, and would like it to continue. No one is forcing them to remain silent by deleting this fanpost... right?
  • Please be respectful in the comments -- even if you personally have seen a similar argument before, please be mindful that perhaps the other person hasn't. Remember: its not all about you. Everyone's opinions should be weighted equally as long as they are being respectful.
  • Please do not be that guy/gal to (extremely ironically) shut down this avenue of free speech as well after we were told this was an avenue (the only one remaining, I may add) which we could use to do so.
  • There are valid opinions on the whole Herrera situation from both sides. Please be respectful of those you disagree with. From what I have seen surrounding this issue is that most agree on most things about it, they just have one or two minor differences in opinion that change their whole viewpoint. If you can recognize the similarities in views you have with each other, while you may not see eye-to-eye, you will be able to respect the other person's take a bit more.
So, there you go. Have at it folks!
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