40 Man Logjam

With about 10 games left there has been non-stop talk of Odubel Herrera winning the CF job already, the possibility of a loaded-with-attitude Bullpen and who will end up as a bench piece (someone, hopefully, who can reach the fences on occasion), I would love for TGP to have a conversation about WHO on the 40 man roster may be REMOVED. With all of the good commenters on here I can see a robust conversation. Help a new follower out here and let me know your thoughts on the most likely scenarios.

For the sake of starting the "argument" I imagine Bailey Falter and Kyle Dohy being removed ONLY because of their Prospect ranking in the 20's out of top 30 list. I also haven't seen much from Ramon Rosso. Who else may be left off? And, when is the deadline?