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Rise and Phight: 3/25/2021

Not the greatest day for the offense

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Philadelphia Phillies Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

It was another game this spring where the offense struggled to score runs. Granted, many of the players that were in the lineup don’t figure to be in the regular lineup but it still continues a trend this spring where the offense is sputtering. Some players have produced, but as a team they’re only hitting .220/.300/.375. It’s nothing to worry about per se, but it still does raise the eyebrow just a tad.

Of the regulars, Alec Bohm and Andrew McCutchen have hit the ball the best and most consistently this spring, a hopeful portend of things to come. Bryce Harper has a 1.000 OPS right now, signaling he’s locked in and ready to roll (we’ll worry about the defense later). Roman Quinn has gotten hot lately, likely making my leaving him off the final roster look quite stupid in fact. So there are some good performances, but also some bad. We all know Scott Kingery is struggling and if they had a competent backup for the shortstop position, he’d likely be ticketed for Lehigh Valley. Didi Gregorius has popped a couple of home runs, but has struggled to get hits other than that. Jean Segura just likes singles apparently.

Again, it’s nothing to really worry about right now. It’s still spring training and the players know when the lights come on, it’s time to focus in and be ready.

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