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The Offseason: 3/3/2021

Again with the no televising?

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Philadelphia Phillies v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The worst thing about MLB is the fact that you cannot see any game you want on any device you want wherever you are. The blackout rules that MLB has in place are so asinine, it’s one of the chief reasons they are bleeding fans. If they want to get people to watch the game, they need to give them access.

Today, the Phillies will not be broadcast on television yet again. While these are minor spring training games, you’d have thought that the powers that be would be more interested in growing the game among those people that just spent months locked in their house looking for something live to watch. Hardly anyone watches network television live anymore so the best thing that would grab the attention of people would be to make sure they can see a game wherever they are at. But noooooooooo. We have to make sure that these blackout rules stay in place.


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