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Gamethread 4/10: Phillies at Braves

Please do better tonight, offense

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Well last night was a little bit of a dud, wasn’t it? Admittedly, a lot of the blame could be laid at the hands of the home plate umpire who....well, “struggled” might be a generous term.

It’s not the fact that the top three calls were bad, it’s the percentage of balls IN THE STRIKE ZONE that he missed. That’s unacceptable, folks. Games like this, where the obvious inconsistency of the ball and strike calls affect a game, will only strengthen the voices calling for robot umpires behind the plate.

Be that as it may, the games must continue. The lineups have been posted. For the Phillies:

Zach Eflin gets the assignment, seeking to the first Phillies pitcher in a five that can get into the sixth inning. He’ll face this lineup for the Braves:

Ian Anderson hopes to improve on the game he pitched last Sunday in Philadelphia with a follow up performance against the same team.

Let’s talk about it!