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Upheld: Phillies 7, Braves 6

Maybe he was out, maybe he was safe. Who’s to say? The umpires - They said he was safe.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure Braves fans are taking this loss in stride. I’m sure they’re not whining about being screwed over by what (thanks to multiple replay angles) appeared to be a crucial missed call leading to what eventually became the winning run.

Obviously I’m kidding. They’re whining like crazy.

I would be upset if this happened to the Phillies, so I’m very close to feeling some sympathy. Then I remember that they’re Braves fans, and if there are any people on this planet who do not deserve a shred of sympathy, it is Braves fans.

I know Braves fans LOVE reading my stuff, so I’m guessing some of them may have wandered over here to see what Phillies fans had to say about the game. Here’s my advice to all of you: Keep crying and see if it changes anything.

As for the readership whose loyalty lies with the Phillies, admit it: You didn’t think they were winning this one, did you? When Matt Moore efficiently put the Phillies in a 2-0 hole on two pitches, you thought this was going to be a long night of watching happy Braves fans and listening to A-Rod talk about whatever shallow thoughts crossed his mind.

But the Phillies’ hitters had other ideas. They erased the deficit, and on two separate occasions, hit home runs to put the Phillies on top. The latter of those home runs was hit by Bryce Harper to the absolute delight of the crowd at Truist Park.

Unfortunately, the Braves have a few good hitters on their team as well. Every time the Phillies went ahead, the Braves came back to tie it, and more often than not, Ronald (Acoona) Acuña was involved. I won’t lie to you: It will be nice not seeing Phillies pitchers attempt to get him out for a little bit.

With the game tied in the top of the ninth, Alec Bohm led off with a double and was advanced to third. When Didi Gregorius hit a ball to left field, it sure didn’t look deep enough to score the run, but hey, what do I know?

After Braves manager Brian Snitker got tired of arguing, and the fans got tired of throwing stuff on the field, the game resumed. I figured that the bottom of the ninth was going to be tense, especially with Acuña due up. But Hector Neris turned in an uneventful clean inning to preserve the win and send the Braves fans to angrily stomp their feet out of the stadium.

With the win secured, the Phillies managed to avoid a momentum-crushing sweep, and send Braves fans into an irate tizzy. All in all, I’d call that a solid Sunday night.