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Gamethread 4/16: Cardinals at Phillies

Are the Phillies even allowed to play someone other than the Braves or Mets? Is it legal?

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Be still, my beating heart. The Phillies are going to play another team in the National League that doesn’t hail from Atlanta or New York. It’s a miracle! The Lords of baseball are allowing them to exit the division!

It’s probably a good thing the Phillies are playing someone else. They have to get sick of seeing the game teams all the time so far and besides, it looked like those two teams had them figured out by the end. Now with the Cardinals coming to town, the Phillies can begin to mount a sustained offensive attack against a pitching staff that hasn’t exactly been lighting it of late.

You want lineups, we have lineups. For the Phillies:

Zach Eflin gets the nod, his start being backed up a day thanks to the rainout yesterday. It’ll cause a domino effect that eliminates Chase Anderson’s turn through the rotation, not necessarily a bad thing.

For the Cardinals:

The Phillies get their first look at Nolan Arenado in a red uniform, which looks just as weird as you think it does. Yadier Molina is fresh off of catching his 2,000th game so now we can go back to arguing whether or not he is Hall of Famer (he’s not).

Let’s talk about it!