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Rise and Phight: 4/19/2021

Don’t know about you personally, but I love beating the Cardinals

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, winning a series against a team is a rich reward. Taking two of three, or three of four, from a division rival is always a little sweeter since there are long-term implications involved, but outside of the division, it’s always nice to beat a team that annoys you.

Take the Dodgers, A rivalry that was quite heated during the late seventies when the two teams were battling it out in playoff series, the “Beat LA” chants always resonate a little sweeter when the team actually follows through and beats the Dodgers. The same goes for the Cardinals. There is something about the Cardinals that just grates on the nerves. It could be the “best fans in the game” moniker the city has given themselves, or the strange devil magic they seem to sprinkle of any middling prospect that turns them into a stud during the biggest of moments, they’re just an annoying franchise.

So, when the Phillies manage to win the series in Philadelphia, it always hits home a little more. Rubbing their fanbase’s smug little noses in the dirt just feels good somehow. Aggressive? Perhaps. But who cares - the Phillies just took the series against the Cardinals. We can bask in that glow for a little while longer.

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