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Gamethread 4/20: Giants at Phillies

Hey Phillies, you see that white sphere with the red stitches? You’re supposed to try and hit it!

San Francisco Giants v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Over the past week, the Phillies have averaged just 2.7 runs per game, and that’s including their 9-run outburst against the Cardinals on Friday. If you remove that game, the average goes down to 1.7 runs per game. Great.

Here’s the lineup the Phillies are running out tonight:

Half of this lineup is made up of bench players and alternate site call-ups. That doesn’t exactly bode well for those of us hoping the offence would finally bust out of their slump tonight.

  • Andrew McCutchen is taking his weekly day off and Matt Joyce is starting in his place. While Joyce still seems like a strange choice as the leadoff hitter, Cutch has been hitting so poorly this season that Joyce isn’t going to be a downgrade.
  • Rhys Hoskins is also taking the night off. While the Phillies lineup has less potential to do serious damage without Hoskins, perhaps a night off will help him bust out of his current rut, and it’s nice to see Brad Miller get some more playing time.
  • Mickey Moniak hasn’t looked like a Major league calibre hitter since he was brought up from the alternate site last week, but he’s going to be the primary center fielder going forward, so all we can do is hope he starts to see the ball better. At least he can’t be any worse than the Haseley/Quinn platoon.
  • The biggest disappointment is that Nick Maton is starting for the second straight game (sorry Nick, I’m sure you’re a lovely guy). When Joe Girardi sat Didi Gregorius yesterday, the manager was quoted as saying “He needed a day.” It’s definitely a little worrying to see one day off turn into two. Ah well, at least Nick Maton is an upgrade on defense.

Here’s the starting lineup for the Giants:

Luckily for the Phils, they’ll be facing the mediocre Logan Webb. The 24-year-old Webb made his debut in mid-2019, and in 24 games since then he has pitched to a 5.30 ERA and a 4.20 FIP. That being said, the Phillies offense has a reputation for making mediocre starting pitchers look like aces, so I won’t count my chickens before they’ve hatched. Without Didi and Rhys, and with the black hole that is Moniak, Maton, and Wheeler at the bottom of the lineup, this might not be the night the Phillies offense finally gets back on track.