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Rise and Phight: 4/22/2021

A day to cool their heels before embarking on a road trip

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We recapped the Phillies victory yesterday, talking about how well things turned out after an especially bad bullpen performance during the series. We touched on Bryce Harper, but last night, our very own schmenkman posted this:

It’s easy to focus on Harper’s accomplishment here since what he’s done the past few days has been incredible. But the bigger takeaway should be the number of RBI he is on pace for. RBI might be a context heavy stat, but it’s still one that does have some value and meaning. The meaning here is that the team needs to make sure that players are on base in front of him to take advantage of how hot he is. He could cool off at any second, but while he’s ripping nearly everything in sight, it would behoove the team to make sure they have players with the ability to get on base prior to his arrival at the plate.

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