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Rhys to the occasion: Phillies 7 - Rockies 5

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Colorado Rockies Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been a Phillies fan since before they won their first World Series when I was a kid. I didn’t go to a ton of Phillies games, maybe a half a dozen as a kid and a few as a College kid, then I moved to a state where the nearest place to see the Phillies was a 4-ish hour drive. so I haven’t seen more than maybe a dozen-ish Phillies games in person. Some readers may remember when I used to do more recapping here back in 2014 or so. I managed to recap 22 Phillies losses without a win (we always call games we recap in advance, so it was all legit bad luck). In thinking back on games I attended in person I also cannot ever recall attending a win. So this is an odd recap for me. A win, and I’m glad to share it with the ten people who read late night, weekend recaps.

It didn’t start perfectly, Nola was good, but not dominating. The Rockies got early baserunners and led 1-0 until the 3rd. Senzatella was not exactly dominant either, but the first few innings he scattered a few baserunners, but nothing that looked like the Phillies were putting anything together. Then Aaron Nola led off the 3rd with a Single and came home on Rhys Hoskins’ Home Run to dead center. After a Harper Walk and JT Single, Didi came up with a Single to drive Harper in and sent Realmuto to 3rd. Bohm then hit a Sac fly to Right driving in JT and the 3rd ended 4-1 Phillies. With Nola on the mound I actually thought that may be enough.

The bottom of the Rockies’ lineup came up in the 5th and managed to get Diaz and pinch hitter Trejo on. Then the Rockies got to the top of the order, where Tapia drove Diaz in on a fielder’s choice and McMahon murdered a baseball right over the bullpens into the concourse of Coors Field. Game tied, me getting a bit nervous about recapping another loss.

I was not nervous for long though. As Nick “Ted Williams” Maton led off the top of the 6th with a Double. Quinn came up and Walked. Aaron Nola then bunted and Rockies Catcher Elias Diaz made a really good play to force Maton out at 3rd. Diaz then gunned Quinn down trying to steal 3rd and suddenly there were 2 Outs and only the Pitcher on base. Cutch walked on the next pitch (c’mon, Roman). Hoskins then hit a lazy fly ball to Right, but this is Denver, so it landed in the bullpen and the Phillies were back to a 3 run lead.

The bottom of the 6th and top of the 7th were pretty uneventful. In the top of the 8th Rhys Hoskins worked a 2-out walk and Elias Diaz struck again, throwing behind him to pick him off at First. In the bottom of the 8th Connor Brogdon came in and got lost in the woods. Four-pitch Walk to Tapia. Full count on McMahon before the chased for a strikeout. Single to Story, who then steals Second. Former good hitter Charlie Blackmon, then hit a sharp grounder to Maton who took the force at First, Tapia scores. CJ Cron then grounded out harmlessly to end the inning.

Hector Neris made the 9th a little more exciting than it needed to be with a one-out Hampson Triple, but still picked up the Save. Now to pick up the series win tomorrow.