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Gamethread 4/26: Phillies at Cardinals

Starting a four game series in the land of the best fans in baseball

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at St. Louis Cardinals Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

Well today was an eventful day in the land of Phillies, wasn’t it?

There was a flurry of roster moves as the team looks to shore up a leaky roster, hoping to shore up a leaky centerfield and bullpen. They’ll open up a series in St. Louis against a Cardinals team that, as with Colorado, they should beat but will probably struggle with. You’re here for lineups, here they are. For the Phillies:

Zack Wheeler looks to get the team off on the right foot. For a team badly in need of some innings after having their starter not able to get out of the fourth yesterday.

For the Cardinals:

Adam Wainwright will make his <checks notes> 3,000,000th start as a member of the Cardinals, throwing to Yadier Molina, who must be immortal or something. Maybe they feed off of that “best fans in baseball” energy to sustain them through a long season.

Let’s talk about it!