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Rise and Phight: 4/27/2021

An eventful day in the organization

Philadelphia Phillies v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

Yesterday was a bit of a polarizing day for the Phillies. They made some roster moves with the intent of improving the roster, yet much of the fanbase would disagree that bringing Odubel Herrera up to the majors is an improvement. The issue is that the centerfield position has become almost untenable and something had to be done. Yanking Mickey Moniak back and forth is not the best course for his development, so if the team was intent that he wasn’t ready and that he needs to be regularly playing still, sending him to the minors was the correct move. Herrera seems to be the last ditch option since Roman Quinn has been terrible and Scott Kingery seems to have fallen out of favor in the organization. While Herrera may not be the player he was, the team really has nothing to lose to see if he has anything left.

With the bullpen, getting Jose Alvarado back is big since they were struggling as a unit to get outs lately. Players haven’t been in their correct roles, so adding Alvarado will slide everyone just a bit further back to where they are best served. Matt Moore will need some time to get ready for his next start, but at least the team has Vince Velasquez to make a spot start (small consolation).

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