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Gamethread 4/29: Phillies at Cardinals

Philadelphia Phillies v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

Phillies look to take three of the four game series with Nola on the hill. Sadly (but expected), they will be without both Bryce Harper and Didi Gregorius for the match after they both took wild pitches to various parts of their body. Nola doesn’t strike me as the type that will throw a payback pitch today, but keep an eye out. Otherwise, this lineup is umm not for the feint of heart. You have to wonder why Maton isn’t batting higher than the three batters preceding him.

They’ll face off against a similar lineup as last night, minus DeJong. Kwang Hyun Kim will pitch for the Cardinals. Phillies tagged him for 3 runs in 3 innings on 4/17, but Kim was excellent in his last start where he held the Reds to 1 run in 5 23 innings and striking out eight.

Go Phils!