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Gamethread 4/30: Mets at Phillies

Phils start a weekend series with a depleted lineup

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The Mets come to town for the weekend, and as the series begins tonight there is a three-way tie at the top of the NL East between the Mets, Phillies, and Braves. All five teams are separately by one game:

Chase Anderson takes the mound tonight for the Phils, with a lineup that’s missing a few key pieces:

-Matt Joyce fills in for Bryce Harper, who is out as a precaution due to a store wrist that was hit by the same pitch that hit his face
-Nick Maton in for Didi Gregorius, who is now on the Covid list.
-Brad Miller for Jean Segura (on IL for right quad)
-Knapp in for Realmuto, who was a late scratch (sore hand from yesterday’s walk off wild pitch); Rafael Marchan was recalled from the Alternate Site today

Marcus Stroman starts for the Mets, with this lineup:

The Immortal Mario Mendoza

We know hitters are off to a rough start, and one way to see that is by measuring against an arbitrary cutoff. The .300 level is a favorite, but another one, especially this year, is the Mendoza Line.

Now, in any single month there will always be some hitters below .200, and especially so in April, when hitting is, as a rule, typically worse than in other months. But even so, this April is quite different from 10 years ago, and even different from the most recent April we’ve seen, in 2019:

Looking at it by team, the Phillies have a slightly higher average than the Mets, .237 (9th in MLB) to .234 (13th).

But of their 11 hitters with 20+ PAs, the Mets only have one hitting under .200, Kevin Pillar. That’s MLB’s lowest % of hitters below the Mendoza Line.

The Phillies have six of their 14 hitters below the .200 level, or 43%, and that’s the 6th highest percentage hitting below the Mendoza Line in MLB.

Teams with the most hitters below .200, by percentage:

Indians: 7 players (58%)
Mariners: 7 (58%)
Orioles: 7 (54%)
Yankees: 7 (54%)
Twins: 7 (47%)

And the fewest under .200, by %:

Mets: 1 player (9%)
Royals: 1 (10%)
Angels: 2 (14%)
Dodgers: 2 (14%)