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Rise and Phight: 4/6/2021

Surprise, Mets! You’ve been Kapler’d!

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine, if you will, a team. This team has their best pitcher on the mound on their opening day, dominating through six innings. He is nowhere near a pitch count where you’d consider taking him out, yet when the commercials end and the game returns, you see said pitcher taking congratulations in the dugout on a job well done while noticing the slightly perplexed look on his face as to why he is not going to at least begin another inning.

Then you watch his team disintegrate before your very eyes and the team lose the game.


This is the reason why the Phillies fans turned so quickly on Gabe Kapler when he bungled away this same situation that faced Luis Rojas last night in Philadelphia when he decided that stretching Jacob deGrom’s pitch count into the scary neighborhood of the eighties was a bridge too far. It’s why Rojas will get killed by fans and press alike today, deservedly so, and why Rojas is probably not long for the job in New York.

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