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Rise and Phight: 4/8/2021

An off day for the team to Master their skills

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies have a well earned off day today after taking five of six games from their division rivals the Braves and Mets. Thanks to the early season scheduling magic of MLB, they’ll get a chance to play those teams right away, only on Georgia and New York turf. It’s amazing how uninspired MLB makes their schedule. Off days after a home opener, teams not playing on Sundays. It’s awesome. Well done, baseball.

I, for one, am in favor of them going back to the unbalanced schedule where we as fans would be able to see the West Coast teams more than six times a season. Exposing fans to other teams around the game would let them see the superstars they miss often. It’s great that we’ll get to see Francisco Lindor a lot of the next decade, but wouldn’t you want to be able to see exactly how good Mookie Betts is with a little more regularity?

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