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Gamethread 4/9: Phillies at Braves

Let’s open up this road trip with a win

MLB: Game Two-Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

<to the tune of The Devil Went Down to Georgia>

The Phillies went down to Georgia,
They’re looking for a series to steal,
They’re in a bind ‘cause they’re trying to find
How to make this team a heel.

When they came across this good ol’ team
That had just won two in a row
The manager jumped up on the bus
And said, “Hey Zack, you’re gonna go.”

That’s it. That’s all I got.

The Phillies take on the Braves tonight in Atlanta for their home opener. Strange that Atlanta hasn’t played a home game yet considering they were one of the better teams in 2020, but hey - no one can make sense of the scheduling that MLB does. At least there isn’t another off day right after this home opener.

The lineups are in. Here is what we have. For the Phillies:

As mentioned before in that outstanding piece of musical symmetry, Zack Wheeler toes the rubber for the Phillies. He performed beyond expectations the last time he was out, showing that he is also one of the two aces this team possesses.

For the Braves:

As it was last time, Wheeler will be opposed by Charlie Morton. The Phillies eventually got their bats going against Morton, but it did take some time in his last start. Hopefully in this one, they can come out as hot as they did on Wednesday against the Mets.

First pitch is at 7:20. Lousy Braves can’t even make a normal start time. Let’s talk about it!