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Who has the #BCIB? The Phillies do, that’s who

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You know, it’s a little bit unfair to James McCann. Here he is in 2020, headed into free agency, looking to make the biggest financial score of his career. He’s coming off two very good platform seasons, ones that will make him very much in demand for those that are in need of a boost of production from behind the plate. He should be looking forward to this.

And yet....

He happens to enter the market at the same time as the Best Catcher In Baseball, J. T. Realmuto. Everyone wants him because he will make the team instantly better. There was also a team that had just been purchased by a very rich man whose team needed a catcher. The fans were salivating at the thought of not just signing him, but also stealing him from a division rival. Alas, it was not to be as the Mets went with McCann while the Phillies brought Realmuto back into the fold.

And now, we can celebrate again having the #BCIB.

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