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Rise and Phight: 5/11/2021

After a needed day off, the Phillies get back at it tonight

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MLB: MAY 08 Phillies at Braves Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Seventeen games in seventeen days is a lot of baseball. For a team like the Phillies, it made yesterday’s day off all the more important. Saturday’s wild extra inning loss took a lot out of the team and it showed Sunday as they looked incredibly flat all night long. In the long slog of a baseball season, a team is going to have games like Sunday and while it makes for poor viewing on our part, it at least makes some sense. It’s not an excuse, but at least it makes a little more sense.

Now they’ll head to the nation’s capital to take on the Nationals, followed by a trip to Florida to take on the Blue Jays. It’s a chance to make up some ground in the NL East against two beatable opponents.

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