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Gamethread 5/14: Phillies at Blue Jays

Time for inter league action!

Toronto Blue Jays v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Your favorite time of year is back again! No, it’s not tax season (you have until Monday, get cracking), it’s interleague play! That’s right, all you whiners that complain about “tHe nL nEeDs a dH” can bask in the glory of a three game series where Phillies’ pitchers won’t pick up a bat. If they do, then something has gone massively wrong, or Joe just really, really wanted a double switch.

The Phillies are in Dunedin tonight for one of the Blue Jays’ final games as a home team in Toronto before they head to Buffalo to roam. It’ll be an interesting matchup between two teams looking to make some headway in the chase to be in first place in their respective divisions on Memorial Day. You came here for lineups, so here they are.

For the Phillies:

Vince Velasquez toes the rubber, hoping to continue his run of not-so-bad starts. He’ll also try and hold off the young Blue Jays lineup that is destroying people at “home.”

For the Blue Jays:

Steven Matz gets the ball against a lineup that is still without two of its regulars. Let’s talk about it friends!