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Gamethread 5/22: Red Sox at Phillies

When at first you don’t succeed....

Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Last night was not exactly the greatest night of Phillies baseball. They played pretty terrible baseball during the game. The defense was bad (again), the pitching was bad (again) and the offense struck out too much (again). All three things combined to make a game that was nearly unwatchable. Luckily for us, they get to do it again tonight!

The Phillies will try to put up a more eye catching performance with this lineup:

Spencer Howard is back, this time as a starter, to try and tame a hot Red Sox lineup. Alec Bohm takes a seat, hopefully to just catch his breath.

For the Red Sox:

Nate Eovaldi brings his high octane game to this one, something the Phillies don’t hit well.

Let’s talk about it!