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Rise and Phight: 5/24/2021

The gang goes to Miami

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

What is it about Miami that the Phillies suddenly forget how to play baseball? Not just the team, but the city itself. Since 2018, they are 9-16 in the city of Miami, a preposterous record to have against a team that wasn’t exactly putting their best foot forward all of those years. Could you say that cost them the playoffs these past few years? Maybe, but it’s not like they were lighting up those season anyway.

But it’s just so frustrating that it seems like the Phillies are better, or at least should be better, than the Marlins during all those years. While it’s still early in 2021 season still, the Phillies need to win at least two of these next three in Miami if they want to get a little mojo working. Otherwise, they’ll put themselves in a big hole with some tough(er) games coming up soon.

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