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Gamethread 5/26: Phillies at Marlins

Can the team’s ace get back on track?

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins - Game One Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Phillies, behind the stellar pitching of Vince Velasquez and company, made quick work of the Marlins last night. Tonight, they send out Aaron Nola to try and continue their winning ways. The lineup it is:

Listen, the Phillies are short handed. You can’t really get around that. They don’t have the players they need to win right now, so they’re doing the best they can. The thing is, like last night, these are the types of games they win. If Nola can rebound from a stretch of rough starts, they have as good a shot as any.

For the Marlins:

Seems the Phillies aren’t the only ones playing short handed.

The Marlins will send Nick Neidert to counter Nola tonight. Jazz Chisholm, blossoming Phillies killer, is in the lineup after tweaking his ankle last night.

Better enjoy the announcers tonight, folks. Tomorrow, the game is on YouTube. So let’s talk about it.