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Gamethread 5/29: Phillies at Rays

A Tampa two-step before they move on to the National League

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Tampa Bay Rays Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

We could complain about the scheduling quirks that led to the Phillies having only a two game set that begins on a Saturday, but on this day in the Philadelphia area, where it’s cold and raining, there’s no point. You’re probably stuck inside this weekend and the Phillies have day games both days. With rain in the forecast for both days around here, what better than to watch the Phillies take on the best team in the American League East?

Last year, the Rays ended the Phillies’ playoff hopes, as slim as they were, at the end of the year. While they aren’t there yet, winning this series could go a long way toward boosting the current Phillies’ own playoff chances. The rest of the National League East is falling apart with injuries and the Phillies are starting to get healthier. Hopefully, they can take this game today.

Here are the lineups. For the Phillies:

J.T. Realmuto returns to the lineup and behind the plate he will go. The offense needs him. Zack Wheeler is on the bump, hoping to take some of the magic he performs at home and apply it to road starts.

For the Rays:

The Rays, hopefully converting to these uniforms full time, sent out their regular lineup with Ryan Yarbrough on the hill.

Let’s talk about it!