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Gamethread 5/30: Phillies at Rays

Need a split here, friends

Philadelphia Phillies v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Travis Jankowski Era begins in Tampa Bay today as the Phillies take on the Rays. Needing a series split to remain one game under .500, the Phillies turn to their Zach sequel with Eflin on the mound to try and induce a ton of groundballs from a team that doesn’t hit groundballs. You’re here for lineups, so here they are. For the Phillies:

Eflin looks to rebound from a few mediocre starts in a row, hoping to keep the Phillies in the game long enough for this offense to muster enough runs. A little wrinkle as Andrew McCutchen, struggling mightily, gets sent down to sixth while Odubel Herrera gets moved to the top spot.

For the Rays:

Colin McHugh and his high spin rate curveball are the latest starter to try and get the Phillies to strike out a ton of times. The lineup remains mostly the same outside of Mike Zunino getting the start behind the plate and laugh aficionado Brett Phillips in centerfield.

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