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Gamethread 5/8: Phillies at Braves

You know, having offense two nights in a row would be a nice way to celebrate mothers

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

An unexpected offensive outburst last night helped catapult the Phillies to a 12-2 victory in Atlanta. Admit it, you didn’t think the Phillies were going to score that many runs early, and then once they did score, they would keep scoring runs. It’s rare to see from them this year since they haven’t really been able to string together offensive runs like that, so that’s what makes last night so satisfying.

Of course, nothing is stopping the Phillies from doing it again tonight, so let’s see if they can use the opportunity to put up some runs and take the series from the Braves. You came here for lineups, so here they are. For the Phillies:

Vince Velasquez continues his bid to remain in the rotation ahead of Matt Moore. He’ll face this lineup for the Braves:

Ian Anderson faces the Phillies for the third time already this year. He’s been alright in one and good in the other. Hopefully the Phillies see a bad start from Anderson tonight.

Let’s talk about it!