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Gamethread 6/10: Braves at Phillies

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A matinee to determine the winner of the series

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The day after the Luke Williams heroics, the Phillies and Braves need to figure out who wins the series. To do that, they’re going to play a 1:05 game that isn’t on YouTube. We can all rejoice at that.

You’re here for the lineups, so here they are. For the Phillies:

Williams gets the deserved start over Alec Bohm with Zack Wheeler on the hill. J.T. Realmuto gets a day off and Andrew Knapp is behind the plate.

For the Braves:

Shockingly, the Braves will counter with Ian Anderson, who weirdly enough has started half of his games this year against the Phillies. You can look it up!

Let’s talk about it.