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Gamethread 6/18: Phillies at Giants

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The Phillies spread their wings and feathers in San Francisco

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Make sure you have your Peacock streaming option ready as the Phillies head to San Francisco to take on the NL West-leading Giants. A weird phrase to say since they were most commonly picked to finish a distant third in the division, the Giants have hit homers this year. Lots of them.

You’re here for the lineups, so here they are. For the Phillies:

Bryce Harper is back. Yay. Luke Williams get the start at the six, while Andrew Knapp gets the start and J.T. Realmuto gets the night off.

For the Giants:

Seriously, how is this lineup winning games? Buster Posey continues his resurgence while Johnny Cueto gets the nod for the Giants.

Let’s talk about it.