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Not your father’s Phillies: Giants 11, Phillies 2

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There was lots of blue though.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Francisco Giants Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Father’s Day brings many people together. They’ll go golfing together, drinks beers together, watch a ballgame together. Any of them would have been preferable to watching the Phillies today. In fact, here’s a list of things that would have been preferable to watching the Phillies today:

  • root canals
  • colonoscopy
  • a Gone with the Wind marathon
  • a Caillou marathon (if you’ve ever seen this show, you’d understand)

This one was one of the more painful things to watch. I had it on in the background, checking in every now and then. I had a baseball tournament that my son was in this morning, a 7U team. They pitched and hit better than the Phillies did.

There were some highlights. J.T. Realmuto, the best catcher in baseball, drilled a home run to center that felt a lot longer than 433 feet, the listed distance.

I think we can amend that tweet to 20 games above .500 when Realmuto homers.

The Giants just pounded Zach Eflin into dust, which is odd because Joe Girardi left him out there for far too long. Perhaps they wanted to get him some innings? Then Girardi brought in....Spencer Howard? That was definitely to get him innings.

I think.

Honestly, this recap of this game has already gone on far too long. The Phillies were bad today, but they’ll come back to the East coast on Tuesday. Maybe some home cookin’ will wake them up.