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Rise and Phight: 6/24/2021

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I think we know the direction of this team

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Can someone explain to me exactly what Joe Girardi has done to make this team better?

I have been one of his bigger supporters. He felt like a voice of calm, a voice of reason after the tumultuous tenure of Gabe Kapler. He felt like the right hire that the team needed to bring stability to the organization. Last year, the failures of the team could largely have been attributed to a historically bad bullpen exploding on a near nightly basis.


It feels like Girardi is simply overmanaging every situation that doesn’t need to be overmanaged and coming out a loser each time. Yesterday was a microcosm for this feeling. Allowing David Hale - DAVID HALE! - to throw high leverage innings in a super important game is inexcusable. Letting Starlin Castro bat with a base open in the ninth is inexcusable. Not bunting with Brad Miller the night before in the ninth inning was inexcusable. The secrecy surrounding player availability earlier in the season may not have been inexcusable, but it’s just really weird.

All of these things may be the end of a frustrating rant on things people will disagree with, but it feels like Girardi may in fact not be the best option for steering this ship. If there is another collapse by the team heading into the dog days of summer, one has to wonder if a change is needed to steer it back on course.

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